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Bill Scheidler| “Corruption is a “blessing”, and I am grateful to be harmed by those who are corrupt”

This post is published in that section of my website that I have dedicated to posting “Something beautiful”. So what, you ask, is beautiful about corrupt people and the harm they inflict upon us? The short answer is there is nothing beautiful in what corrupt people do or the harm they inflict, the “beauty” is … Continue reading

Once again, beauty triumphs over the “ugly” … hallelujah!

▶ Beethoven Tempest Sonata 3rd Mvnt Myrsha Lazarre pianist – YouTube

One of my most favorite …. ▶ Beethoven Tempest Sonata 3rd Mvnt Myrsha Lazarre pianist – YouTube.

Ramblings from the activist: Part One

The thoughts that continue to invade my thinking are whether or not I am doing any good — not only by exposing corruption, but in fighting against it in the lawsuits that I have filed. I suppose it is a matter of perspective … ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ so says Margaret … Continue reading

Amazon.com: Blinders Keepers eBook: John Rachel: Kindle Store

Amazon.com: Blinders Keepers eBook: John Rachel: Kindle Store. If you are needing some ‘escape’ from all that plagues us, you won’t get it by reading this book. You will, however, enjoy how John Rachel puts it all in perspective — his perspective — and you will be guaranteed to smile. You can find “Blinders Keepers” … Continue reading

For the sake of ‘symmetry’

In the “comments” section provided below, please litter this site with something beautiful As I studied for my degree in chemistry, I learned the physics of the Universe loves ‘symmetry.’ This is commonly expressed as ‘every action has a reaction.’ For this reason, for the sake of symmetry, in reaction to the “ugly” truth revealed … Continue reading