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How Trump can use chaos to expose judges’ wrongdoing if he harnesses his chaos and that of The Dissatisfied With The Establishment

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq., is a scholar with degrees from the following prestigious institutions — Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England; M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School; D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris. Dr. Cordero has studied and written about judicial corruption and publishes his work under his organizations name Judicial Discipline Reform http://Judicial-Discipline-Reform.org New York City Dr. … Continue reading

The “chinookobserver.com” attacks candidate for 19th district representative, Jimi O’Hagan, to try to influence election.

On November 2, Chinookobserver.com reporter Natalie St. John claims “documents obtained through a public disclosure request” reveal “Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer…filing the charges against O’Hagan on Oct. 31, and issuing a Nov. 1 summons for O’Hagan, 62, to appear in Pacific County Superior Court on Nov. 18.” James O’Hagan is running against representative Brian Blake (D) … Continue reading

Washington State Bar Hearing Officer Lin O’Dell racketeering, stealing from elderly, allowed to continue her criminal activity with assistance of Bar

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
? Last year the Gold Bar Reporter was first to break a story about a Washington State Bar Association Hearing Officer was found guilty of stealing from her client, using a convicted killer named Mark Plivilech to threaten and intimidate vulnerable and elderly disabled Washingtonians. This story is an…

Washington’s Legislative Ethics Board has Washington State Patrol remove Scheidler from public meeting

Activist Bill Scheidler filed an ethics complaint with the Legislative Ethics Board against his 26th District Legislators, Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier and Jan Angel. During the Board’s Oct 11, meeting, Scheidler addressed the Board during the Board’s invitation for public comment. Scheidler began to speak about the obligations legislators have to protect and maintain individual … Continue reading

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen to be sued for gross civil rights violations

Today the GoldBarReporter.org published that Washington State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen to be sued for gross civil rights violations The complaint centers around public officials in Gold Bar, Snohomish County Washington, and the Washington State Bar Association conspiring to harm the Gold Bar Reporter’s news source because we exposed at least six of Washington … Continue reading

Equal protection of the Law is a condition precedent to the elimination of judicial corruption

When you hear people and especially political people cry buckets of tears over the killing in our major cities, or other of our societies ills, it is inconsistent and an obfuscation of the problem to suggest any remedy that does not bring back the concept of EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW. What this means is … Continue reading

Ethics complaint against Senator Jan Angel, Representatives Jesse Young and Michelle Caldier open for public comment October 11th.

The next meeting of the Legislative Ethics Board is scheduled for October 11, 2016, at noon, in the Rules Room of the Washington State Senate. Scheidler intends to raise the issue of his grievance against Senator Jan Angel and Representatives Michelle Caldier and Jesse Young for betraying their office by aiding and abetting ‘official misconduct’ … Continue reading


Part One: THE THREE DEATHS OF DOROTHY E. MILICH by Debbie (Milich) Mysiewicz “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law and with the colors of justice.” U.S. v. Janotti, 673 F. 2d, 578, 614 (3rd Circuit, 1982) — Preface: Much of the material in Part One and the … Continue reading

Complaint filed with Kitsap County Auditor – judge involved in insurance fraud scheme.

Today Scheidler filed an email complaint with the Kitsap County Auditor, Dolores Gilmore (D), alleging court personnel engage in “case fixing and obstruction of justice” for the benefit of insurance companies and to protect the Counties risk pool funds (a “risk pool fund” is the money set aside by counties to pay judgments). Scheidler says … Continue reading

Washington State Bar Association, to be abolished over felonious conduct

Originally posted on GOLD BAR REPORTER:
Late last summer, the Gold Bar Reporter was first to break a story about the Washington State Bar Association’s dropping the word ” association.” Our source, an insider close to Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen stated ” the WSBA is trying to come up with a plan to push liability…