About us.

The Social Justice Initiative of WA is in large part an effort that is staffed, funded, administered and promoted by WA State’s Religious community. Individuals from all denominations, across all walks of life, have embraced the teachings that form the foundation of religious beliefs — an obligation to live one’s life in the service of others.

The Social Justice Initiative has defined “service” as doing all that one can do to relieve, assist, fight “injustice” where it is found. I hope we can be of value to you in what we do.


One thought on “About us.

  1. Yes I am dying disabled Vet who is being shafted by Housing Authority, and Michelle Miller Northwest Justice. The bar finds no wrong and never once interviews me!!!! I live with rats and mold and am facing the lose of my vash voucher. Snohomish County is dirty real bad.. we need help.. filled with corruption.. you should see the sewage that leaks into the lake and this county knows about it… I have Hep c…My urine and feces leech into the lake and they still pay this slum lord… I have pictures you cant believe how I live….

    Posted by Mike Cramer | July 17, 2014, 12:05 pm

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