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CPS and Judicial Reforms 2016

Once again, an excellent article, thank you Anne

anne setsuko giroux 2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the Washington State House of Representatives

Thank you for taking the time to read a few of my recommendations for improvements in the system and or changes in the rules governing court procedures. Thank you for your compassion and showing concern for the valuable children of WA State to keep them safe from abuse.

I am aware some of these may be issues that only a law could change. I shared my recent experiences and recommendations to many legislators including my local legislatures from 2012-2015. My attempts to get any help at the Pierce County Level and across Washington State has failed. I have exhausted all my finances and had to file bankruptcy as result of the court. And, the loss of Electric power, anytime. How can anyone simply move on and completely heal from trauma if the traumatic effects caused from medical,judicial, domestic violence or CPS DSHS misconduct and abuse fail to end?

My health…

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