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Will Jimi O’Hagan be another Levoy Finicum – murdered by those who swear to protect him.

Jimi O’Hagan has been fighting a losing battle in Washington State Courts because judges here in Washington have established themselves “kings” and as king they rule over citizens. Jimi has been demanding a jury trial so the facts about Washington’s corrupt judicial system – misconduct by lawyers and judges of the Washington State Bar – … Continue reading

Scheidler seeks At-large position on WSBA’s Board of Directors.

Those who want to see our legal system actually operate in a legal manner, please email your endorsement of Bill Scheidler to barleaders@wsba.org Lawyers have consistently ranked in the bottom 5th in ‘honest and ethics’ as polled by Gallup since 1976. Yet the prevailing opinion by the WSBA, according to the number of lawyers disciplined … Continue reading

Liberty’s Champion | Washington’s Commission on Judicial Conduct – ‘justice denied’

Bill Scheidler, activist and candidate for legislative seat, questions the Commission on Judicial Conduct… The corrupt judcial system is corrupt because you folks here are not doing your job! … How long do you think the public is going to tolerate you folks not doing your job and allowing judges and lawyers to use the … Continue reading

Washington State Attorney General admits ‘lawyers’ operate outside constitutional constraints

CBS 60 Minutes ran a story in which lawyers claim they “run the country”. Now there is authoritative proof, by the Washington State Attorney General’s office itself, that ‘lawyers’ do indeed operate without any citizen oversight or under citizen control. The film by Brian Green validates that the AG’s office gets complaints ‘every day’ about … Continue reading