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Peter Kay, Assistant Attorney General — does he represent the level of “integrity” we must accept from our chief lawyer? UPDATE!

UPDATE: The WA State Bar Association has answered the question “does Peter Kay, Esq., represent the level of “integrity” we must accept from our chief lawyer?”, and they say YES! According to Felice Congalton, associate director of the WSBA, it “appears” to her that Peter Kay’s conduct is not within the jurisdiction of the WA … Continue reading

Separation of Powers, class claim against WA State, to be Investigated by the AG

In response to the class claim against WA State, the Office of Risk Management has replied. The class claim will be investigated by the WA State Attorney General, Torts Division. If and when they conclude their investigation into our “judicial system” in which judges and lawyers lie to protect their power and greed, we will … Continue reading

RICO violations include WA State Bar employees Linda Eide, Lin O’ Dell, and Alison Sato, and Snohomish County public officials and one Court of Appeals Div. I Judge

A RICO and 42 USC 1983 complaint will be filed against the government officials above in US Fed Court . . . we are shooting for Monday as a filing date. writes Gold Bar Reporter, Anne Block. We here at http://www.CorruptWA.com have reported before on Anne’s efforts to expose and fight corrupt public servants who … Continue reading

Kitsap Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull — It must be true, the “moon or Mars”!

When I began http://www.corruptwa.com a little over one year ago, I get phone calls, emails, letters that are all about children being yanked from homes and placed in foster care. I don’t have children of my own but what I’ve come to know about this “business” has me very angry with those who are to … Continue reading

Gold Bar reporter Anne Block is one tough investigator

Anne Block, who is taking on the corrupt WA State Bar, continues to expose public servants who betray our trust! And the trail of “public servants” who betray the public trust continues to lead to wider and wider involvement by some ‘big shot” government people. Gold Bar reporter Anne Block, in addition to her investigative … Continue reading