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Class Action claim against WA State initiated – Separation of Powers, implicated!

Today a claim against the State of Washington for the “Tortious conduct of state or its agents” [See RCW 4.92] has been sent to WA State Department of Enterprise Services, Office of Risk Management.  The nature of the claim, which can be read at this link Tort Claim against WA-signed is summarized by Appendix A … Continue reading

Bring Home Baby Lance, Judge Regina Cahan, Washington State. by Kyla Estes

Crazy, the word that has been thrown around in all my court documents. Judge Cahan has deemed me mentally ill, there’s no law on being crazy or mentally ill, unless your a danger to yourself or others, which I’m not. A year ago I was court ordered to under go a mental evaluation because Jonathan … Continue reading

Impeach the Justices of the WA Supreme Court — for the sake of God’s children!

About a year ago I wrote a “tongue-n-cheek” article on our “Washington Supreme Court — Domestic terrorists“. Well a year has passed and I’m not sure that what was intended to be a satirical piece isn’t too far from reality. Over the past year I’ve learned about elder abuse by court appointed guardians [see Marti … Continue reading

The corrupt WA State Bar is under attack again, by Anne Block, ex-lawyer!

Anne Block is a lawyer AND an “investigator/journalist for the Gold Bar Reporter. When Anne Block reported on criminal conduct by government officials, specifically John Pennington, who was an appointee by former disgraced Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, John Pennington filed a WA State Bar Grievance against Anne Block. And as true to form, the … Continue reading

Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull’s competence under attack.

Once again Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull is under attack. This time for violating the ‘sovereign immunity’ of Indian Tribes. Judge Hull is presiding over the custody hearing (battle) that pits spouse against spouse, child against child, child against parent, parent against child, State against families, public servants against the public, and the law against … Continue reading

Scheidler files motion to “INTERVENE” in CPS custody battle.

On June 12, 2014, Bill Scheidler filed his motion and claims to intervene in a custody battle between Child Protective Services and Luis Ewing. The claim alleges ‘misrepresentations’ during the course of the proceedings by Peter Kay, Esq., WSBA 24331, Office of the Attorney General. Our judicial system demands lawyers adhere to the highest standards … Continue reading

John Scannell – Zamboni driver, lawyer, disbarred lawyer – Supreme Court Justice???

John Scannell is a colorful individual who has an equally colorful past. But in every step leading to the present he has been the champion of the underdog in his adherence to high moral and ethical tenets. John Scannell, also know as “Zamboni John” was the Zamboni driver at Seattle hockey games. His notoriety spawned … Continue reading

Lawsuit against a corrupt attorney, Scott Ellerby, moves to WA Supreme Court – AGAIN!

  IN the Matter, Scheidler v Ellerby….   It has been 5 years and this case is still being litigated! WHY? Because I DEMAND the TRUTH and the attorneys and judges ONLY WANT TO SAVE FACE! The latest “FACE-SAVING TACTIC” came from the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, DAVID PENZOHA, who decided that he … Continue reading

Lawsuit against King County Judges, a.k.a. King’s Kings, for diversion of assets

STORY by CHRIS HUPY “The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body – working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall render … Continue reading