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Nathan Schlicher’s candidacy is challenged – SOS to respond. **UPDATE**

Today, an email to Kim Wyman, Secretary of State, was informed by Bill Scheidler, Candidate for Representative, 26th District, Position 1, that Nathan Schlicher is ‘disqualified’ to seek a legislative position because he is a member of the Judicial Branch and is regulated by the Judicial Br. The content of the email to the SOS, … Continue reading

A new take on the same problem – it is all about incompetence.

Every day I ask myself, how can such blatant violations of law and ethics, committed by lawyers and judges, continue to go unpunished? Day-in and day-out I get emails about another case of legal misconduct. And in my own experience, I’ve only encountered one judge who fits my idea of a ‘judge’ – Stephen Holman. … Continue reading

Mrs. Dina Keller’s story about the Corrupt WA State Bar.

Today I received an email from Dina Keller telling me how disgusted she is with the WA State Bar Association and their total and malicious disregard to the principles of “truth and honor.” Ms. Keller ask that her story receives as much press as possible to cause citizens to rise up and demand accountability. Here … Continue reading

Nathan Schlicher, ESQ., asked to withdraw his candidacy for state Representative

The election laws of WA State, RCW 29A.24.075, are explicit in that … (2) Excluding the office of precinct committee officer or a temporary elected position such as a charter review board member or freeholder, no person may file for more than one office. Nathan Schlicher, a lawyer, is a candidate for Representative, District 26, … Continue reading

Keith Harper, Kitsap Court Judge: you want a fair venue – try the moon or Mars

UPDATE: Constitution v Legal Establishment Attached is an audio snippet from a motion hearing “Scheidler v Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associate Director, WSBA, et. al.” at which I objected to a WA lawyer, under RCW 2.28.030 from acting as judge when the judge is ‘directly interested’ in the subject matter of the … Continue reading

James Avery, Kitsap County Assessor is defrauding the retired and disabled

WA State provides financial help to retired and those retired due to disability.  It is a ‘Constitutional’ mandate that such financial help be available to these citizens.   For those who want the actual constitutional verification it is WA State Constitution Article 7, Section 10. James Avery, who as the Kitsap County Assessor,  is required … Continue reading

The “LABOR UNION” that rules the world!

The labor union to rule the world. One of the most powerful ‘unions’ in our country today — the BAR Associations threatens our free society. It’s members, lawyers, fully control our judicial br., the executive br., and occupy a large portion of the legislative br. Yet, this nearly total domination of our government, by ‘union … Continue reading

UPDATE: Lawsuit against King County judges, a.k.a., King’s KINGS – Diversion of public assets

In the lawsuit, Mr. Hupy and Haggerty claim King County Superior Court judges diverted public assets to a “private entity”, the King County Bar Association. The complaint claims this diversion of public assets violates Article 8 Section 5 of the Washington State Constitution declaring CREDIT NOT TO BE LOANED. The credit of the State shall … Continue reading