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WA Senator, Jan Angel, want’s to have FUN!

“let’s have fun! … make a donation to my campaign” To Jan Angel, that’s what it is all about, fun and raising money. While I was invited to this night of fun I had to turn the invitation down and explain to Jan, I don’t have time for “FUN”! I recognize the blatant, willful and … Continue reading

Judges of King County, a.k.a. King’s KINGS… sued for ‘diversion of public resources.’

BREAKING NEWS   Today, April 29, 2014, a lawsuit has been filed by CHRISTOPHER J. HUPY and THOMAS BRET HAGGERTY alleging King County Judges have diverted public assets in the following manner. 66. Monthly (at least) Meetings of the King County BAR Association are held at the King County Courthouse, no fee is collected for … Continue reading

If you are angry with government corruption, vote for me.

The Problem ***Why WE are all at risk under the ‘status quo’*** by Bill Scheidler, Candidate for State Representative, 26th District, Position 1 It is simple. Our society depends upon the rule of law and the ‘fair and impartial’ adjudication of grievances. In practice, however, “the rule of law and a fair and impartial” system, … Continue reading

Nevada range land or Washington property owners – the power of eminent domain threatens us all

Appeals Court judge claims he lacks the authority to second-guess government re-posted by permission from the author Washington State’s Division 1 Court of Appeals issued a procedural ruling on Monday that probably won’t warrant much attention even in Bellevue, but it goes a long way towards explaining why ordinary folks and private-sector businesses too often … Continue reading

Scheidler files to Intervene in Public Records Act lawsuit

Scheidler, chief activist at http://www.corruptwa.com, files to Intervene in John Worthington’s lawsuit against the Cities of Bremerton, Port Orchard, Poulsbo and against Kitsap County and the State of Washington This case epitomizes the utter disrespect our “public servants” and the attorneys who represent them have for citizens. Such arrogance and unlawfulness must NOT stand! And … Continue reading

Another legal battle: “Constitution and the LAW” v. “public servants”

What do these WA State entities have in common, City of Bremerton, City of Port Orchard, City of Poulsbo, Kitsap County and the State of WA? Before you answer, let me tell you a long story by using a very short LAW. In 2007, on behalf of the people of WA State, the legislature enacted … Continue reading

Once again, beauty triumphs over the “ugly” … hallelujah!

Prelude Nevada: Citizens are growing more and more angry. Sooner or later…

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev) and his lawyer son may be behind the BLM’s assault on a Nevada rancher, Clive Bundy, and the taking of his cattle. While the facts are still sketchy, Liberty News Online reports the following. Back in 2012, the New American reported that Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, was the chief representative … Continue reading

How the “legal establishment” works a ‘fraud upon citizens.’

The “legal establishment” has created an insolvable riddle that traps all citizens in their quest for justice. This “design” by the legal establishment gives them “absolute” control over citizens. Said another way, the “constitutions of the United States and the constitution here in WA State” means what the “legal establishment” wants it to mean.  Citizens … Continue reading

Initiative 651 – Giving us back our “justice system”

We are proud to be the sponsor of Initiative 651, which, if adopted by the legislature or makes it onto the next Ballot, will pave the way for citizens to take back our “justice system” from the “legal establishment” of lawyers, Bar Associations, and other offices of government instituted by lawyers for lawyers. To read … Continue reading