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Judge Stephen Holman: impartial, justice, openly provided. BRAVO!

When we here at http://www.corruptWA.com witness one of our public servants doing “public service” in the spirit of their oath, WE must celebrate that event. Today was such a day. The event was a court hearing to decide if a citizen has a right to a jury trial. The defendant, Marcus Carter, was asking for … Continue reading

Scheidler [Candidate for 26 Legislative District]: life prepares you, but it is up to you to fulfill life’s purpose.

It is still a few weeks before an “official” declaration of candidacy is required, but I need to begin right now. I want to be the next Representative for the 26 District. A public servant is just that a “servant” to the public. With that obligation to serve the public is a corresponding obligation to … Continue reading

Candidates for 2014 offices must be ready to file soon.

The filing deadline for offices open for the 2014 General Election May 12, 2014, and closes May 16, 2014. We here at http://www.corruptWA.com strongly encourage those who have the fortitude and a few bucks to file for public office. There are 158 offices open for the General Election plus County offices. I hope the message … Continue reading

John Darash. The coming showdown: “We the PEOPLE” v “YOU — the Public Servants”!

Showdown! What, where and …. Who is moving this country to a showdown and why? For a little perspective….. Clearly we at http://www.corruptWA.com understand all too well the blatant and arrogant attitude the “legal establishment” of lawyers, judges, BAR associations, the judges’ associations, law professors and their colleagues have towards us people. We have reported … Continue reading

Guardianship abuse: The stalking of the elderly by professional predators 03/23 by Marti Oakley | Family Podcasts

Guardianship abuse: The stalking of the elderly by professional predators 03/23 by Marti Oakley | Family Podcasts. This exploitation is NOT done by family members or friends. It is perpetrated by professionals who operate under the protection of the BAR Association and facilitated by probate court judges. In less than 5% of the cases of … Continue reading

Judge Keith Harper: you want a fair venue, try the moon or Mars…

UPDATE: Constitution v Legal Establishment Attached is an audio snippet from a motion hearing “Scheidler v Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associate Director, WSBA, et. al.” at which I objected to a WA lawyer, under RCW 2.28.030 from acting as judge when the judge is ‘directly interested’ in the subject matter of the … Continue reading

Scheidler says NO! Lawyers cannot lie, have no immunity for criminal conduct

UPDATE: Lawyer Kirsten Schimpff, for defendant lawyer Felice Congalton, has filed her 16-WSBA Reply in support of mtn to strike 3.20.14 to Scheidler’s Answer … Schimpff says Scheidler chose to file his case in a WA court and therefore relinquishes his rights to the jurisdiction of the court. And that includes having the case heard … Continue reading

Guardian Abuse

Guardian Abuse is a problem when professional guardians abuse their wards.  Guardians are “supervised” by the courts — but in reality, there is no monitoring.   Guardian Abuse is not just a state problem — it’s a national problem.   Professional guardians are supposed to be supervised by the Certified Professional Guardian Board.    This is a … Continue reading

Will these corrupt lawyers find a new home? … the Jail Cell!

I view honesty as the most basic element in all relationships. When there is honesty, there is no fault in trying and failing… there is no fault in making a mistake… there is no fault in an unfortunate consequence. When there is ‘honesty’ civilized people will always recognize the “honest intentions and effort” regardless of … Continue reading

Bob Grundstein: lawyer, warrior … now, “VENDETTA”

I have known Bob Grundstein for some years and know of his utter disgust with his chosen profession — he is a lawyer but he would be the first to say that there is very little “law” in LAWyer. A couple of articles published by http://www.CorruptWA.com focused on Bob’s efforts to address the “legal establishments” … Continue reading