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The battle enters phase two: “Constitution” v “Legal Establishment”

Friday, March 14, John Worthington filed to intervene as intervenor-plaintiff in Scheidler’s Amended Complaint. Worthington joins Bruce Gambill, who filed earlier. John’s MOTION TO INTERVENE (1) In response to Scheidler’s ‘amended complaint’ Kristen Schimpff, WSBA # 31299, and Mary M. Tennyson, WSBA # 11197 have filed to “strike” the amended complaint claiming it violates ‘court … Continue reading


In the continuing and expanding lawsuit against the “legal establishment”, Scheidler will file an Amended Complaint to add lawyers Jennifer Forbes, Esq.,(who is abusing her power as judge to save her fellow associates) Kirsten M. Schimpff, Esq., Mary M. Tennyson, Esq., Dionne Padilla-Huddleston, Esq., to the previously named defendants J. Reiko Callner, Esq., and Felice … Continue reading

One Down, One to go! Justice Joel Penoyar retires after a little more than one year into his term

It appears that Justice Joel Penoyar has called it quits. In 2012 Penoyar ran unopposed for position one of the Division II Court of Appeals. Now he has called it quits according to the TheDailyWorld.com I’d like to think “public pressure” from those reading Dirty Slick Joel Penoyar had a lot to do with it, … Continue reading

Superior Court Judge, Jennifer Forbes, rules to dismiss complaint against other lawyers.

Kitsap Superior Court Jennifer Forbes refused to disqualify herself under law, see RCW 2.28.030(1) and refused to recuse herself under law, see RCW 4.12.050, so she could use a court rule, 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss, a case against lawyers, Felice Congalton, Associate Director of the WSBA and J. Reiko Callner, Executive Director of the Commission … Continue reading

Yet AGAIN! J. Reiko Callner, Esq., and Felice Congalton, Esq., under pressure for their criminal conduct.

On February 4, 2014, Cameo C. Massey filed papers with the Kitsap Superior Court to “intervene” as intervenor plaintiff, with Scheidler, in his complaint against the unlawful conduct of Felice Congalton, Esq., Associate Director, WA State Bar. READ the charges at this link Cause quo warranto v Callner Congalton (1)-signed Ms. Massey, as 1000’s of … Continue reading

Scott Ellerby, Esq., POSTER CHILD of the “legal establishments” downfall!!

In all started back in 1998, when my attorney, Scott Ellerby, lied to me so he could withdraw from my case against a corrupt county assessor, James Avery. Ellerby claimed he had to withdraw because the corrupt county assessor’s lawyer, Cassandra Noble, required his withdrawal due to a “conflict of interest”. This has now been … Continue reading

WA State Attorney General says “Goverment Officials” can violate the law and citizens have no say about it!

It’s official WA State Citizens are simply Government’s play-toys. This story relates to Charges filed against J. Reiko Callner and Felice Congalton, who are two lawyers and happen to hold high government office. Is it any wonder that our states highest lawyer, Bob Ferguson, a state official, wants these two lawyers to get off with … Continue reading