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The Justice System: Swearing to Lies

The Justice System: Swearing to Lies

Showtime: Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 8:00 PM MST

Short Link: http://tobtr.com/s/5722437

Last week we had a caller who definitely had a lot to say. He tweaked the listeners interest with a link to his suggested rule that citizens have the right to call a Grand Jury. A rule that he presented to the Washington Supreme Court. Bill Scheidler also tweaked my interest enough to agree to be TVFM’s prime guest for this Thursday nite’s show. In a nut shell, Bill likes to “identify and expose the true forces that create the very ‘hostile world’ that we experience in one way or another.” Where TVFM likes to help open the “cans of worms”, Bill shines the “light on the public servants who betray our trust”. Bill is the chief activist at http://www.corruptwa.com/. His goal is to expose those in government who “utilize their power to benefit themselves, their friends and/or colleagues.” Bill calls them “colleagues”. I like to refer to them as “partners in crime”. Maybe Bill can tell us what we can do after turning the light on these two-legged cockroaches. And I bet any number of you can personally name a few of your own local roaches.

So as usual, do your homework, get your questions and comments ready and stay tuned…..

Studio Call In # 1 646 564 9915 to comment or question.

Another reminder, if you won’t have access to the internet Thursday nite, you can listen and comment using your phone by dialing 1 646-9915


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