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J. Reiko Callner is to blame for the corruption within the Judicial Br.

J. Reiko Callner is the Executive Director of the WA State Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Callner is an “investigator” for the CJC and member of the WA State Bar, No. 16546.  In other words, WA Bar Member Callner investigates other “Bar members”… and as she almost always does… she dismisses the complaints citizens file against … Continue reading

The Justice System: Swearing to Lies

The Justice System: Swearing to Lies Showtime: Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 8:00 PM MST Short Link: http://tobtr.com/s/5722437 Last week we had a caller who definitely had a lot to say. He tweaked the listeners interest with a link to his suggested rule that citizens have the right to call a Grand Jury. A rule … Continue reading

The Corrupt WA State Bar is UNDER ATTACK: Bob Grundstein takes aim.

Attorney Bob Grundstein is no fan of the corrupt WA State Bar. He has a lot of company. Of the 3000 WA State citizens who file complaints with the WA State Bar every year, and see those complaints dismissed, are no fans of the corrupt WA State Bar either. So who is this attorney, Bob … Continue reading

How many of our judicial and quasi-judicial officers are “pathological narcissists”

Written by Michael A. Haberman, M.D. This Israeli doctor says Obama has a mental disorder. He labels Obama a pathological narcissist. There is no greater insanity than electing one as President said Dr. Sam Vaknin who is an Israeli psychologist. Interesting view on our president. Dr. Vaknin states “I must confess I was impressed by … Continue reading

Citizens group wants common law grand jury in Westmoreland County | TribLIVE

Citizens across this country are fed-up and angry at the legal establishment of lawyers and judges who blatantly lie, file false reports, tamper with evidence, suborn perjury, commit perjury themselves and violate every element of the ethical rules of conduct that these lawyers and judges are to obey. For example… REPORT: Jury Rights Billboard Campaign … Continue reading

Corrupt Judge Was Texting Instructions To Prosecutors To Help Send People To Prison | Techyville

Corrupt Judge Was Texting Instructions To Prosecutors To Help Send People To Prison | Techyville. The Texas district Judge Elizabeth E. Coker is stepping down from the bench after she is being heavily scrutinized because of a texting scandal. A recent whistle blowing case exposed that the judge was SMS messaging prosecutor’s questions that they … Continue reading

Violations of privacy implicate lawyers and judges in crimes

billscheidler@wavecable.com InBox Message From: <donotreply@wsba.org> Subject: Online Grievance Form Confirmation Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 21:04:32 -0800 To: <billscheidler@wavecable.com> GRIEVANCE AGAINST A LAWYER Office of Disciplinary CounselWashington State Bar Association1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600Seattle, WA 98101-2539 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Read our information sheet Lawyer Discipline in Washington before you complete this form, particularly the section about … Continue reading

Who is John Darash?

Who is this guy, John Darash? And why has he been a guest on so many talk news radio shows? And why does this guy have individuals across the United States coming together to cause a paradigm shift in the way our public servants operate? Who is this guy and why is he here? The … Continue reading

WA State Corruption | WA State, through its employees and officials, threaten the peace.

WA State Corruption | WA State, through its employees and officials, threaten the peace..   History shows that any organization that is so well established can dominate the entire fabric of society.  The examples are everywhere … from religious organizations … political organizations…labor unions, to Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks.  While each organization begins … Continue reading