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Justice Joel Penoyar –a.k.a. “Dirty-Slick”– the battle to have him removed from the Bench has begun!

This is an UPDATE to the story first published March 2013. “Justice Joel Penoyar: He is as dirty-slick as they come “ and then Sept 2013, “Will Joel Penoyar, a.k.a., Dirty-Slick, be prosecuted for criminal conduct?. It has been almost a week since I emailed State Representative Jan Angel, Seacrest and alerting them to the ‘dishonesty’ … Continue reading

Ramblings from the activist: Part One

The thoughts that continue to invade my thinking are whether or not I am doing any good — not only by exposing corruption, but in fighting against it in the lawsuits that I have filed. I suppose it is a matter of perspective … ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ so says Margaret … Continue reading

Bill Scheidler was interviewed by Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette — Listen in!

Bill Scheidler, chief activist at http://www.corruptwa.com, will be talking with Marti Oakley of The PPJ Gazette about the corruption within the courts and how the ‘Trial Lawyers Association’ is most likely to blame. Join us this evening as Bill Scheidler returns to discuss his undertakings in the State of Washington with regards to the “trial … Continue reading