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Why the Lawyers’ Associations are the biggest, most harmful threat to our Country

History shows that any organization that is so well established can dominate the entire fabric of society.  The examples are everywhere … from religious organizations … political organizations…labor unions, to Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks.  While each organization begins with good intentions, power corrupts.  This too is a fact of history as seen in the endless cycle of birth-power-greed-collapse that characterizes most every organization since civilization evolved the ability to create organizations.

Now, what we face in our life-time is how the largest and most powerful organization of all time – the “the lawyers associations, a.k.a., Bar Associations”  are driving our civilized society to rebellion and eventually collapse.

The power and greed of this insidious and corrupt organization , which fully occupies the Judicial Branch of our government, has spread like a virus to the Executive, the Legislative and into administrative boards and committees.  To say this another way… the ‘checks and balances’ intended by our founding fathers has been rendered impossible because there are NO ‘separate’ branches of government…. it is all run by an a association of lawyers who occupy many critical government offices so there is NO independent oversight by any other entity. In other words, any misconduct by any government employee, official, etc., will be decided by a lawyer. So it is true that the “lawyers” determine what the norms of society should be by the virtue of being in “decision-making” roles throughout government.

Visit http://www.corruptwa.com for more about the dishonesty that results when power corrupts…


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