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Tales of Tyranny: Joe Remenar’s “Illegal” Wildlife Habitat

Tales of Tyranny: Joe Remenar’s “Illegal” Wildlife Habitat. Enjoying the views out his back deck, Joe decided to improve the wildlife habitat on his property. He didn’t apply for a grant or take taxpayer dollars. He just spent his own time and money to improve the habitat for the birds, amphibians, insects, and other critters … Continue reading

Update: Teachers Union — Lawsuits already planned, Complaints filed with WA Attorney General

At present the Freedom Foundation is looking for parents of current students who would be willing to participate as intervenors if/when the school districts sue to break the teachers’ strike. We think that if the teachers strike, there are two concrete things that a court could do to serve the best interest of parents and … Continue reading

South Kitsap Teachers vote to strike — we citizens are held hostage again!

South Kitsap Teachers, as is their customary tactic, are threatening to hold the students, the School Board, and the tax-paying citizens of this county hostage to their demands. Make no mistake about my position on the ‘Teachers Union’ and their deplorable tactics – they are criminals. My first-hand experience with this corrupt organization — the … Continue reading

Calling all who demand a change

When I started http://www.CorruptWA.com early this year, I expected to hear from others who experienced similar misconduct from government officials, judges, and attorneys. But I had no idea how many WA State citizens have been abused by our government. For Example: — a case of officer domestic violence… this is when a police officer is … Continue reading

The “Roth Show” interviews Bill Scheidler

Bill Scheidler tells of the fraud upon retired citizens of WA State on the Roth Show   Bill tells Dr. Laurie Roth how WA State has betrayed its retired and retired due to disability [including the military disabled] from their Constitutional Rights as guaranteed by WA Constitution Article 7, Section 10. Bill tells Dr. Laurie … Continue reading

Kids are being yanked from homes – Money is made and families are lost

Jamaal Jacob Breaks Silence OnThe Laurie Roth Show Jamaal Jacob has finally spoken out after months of silence, he captured the hearts of many when he appeared on corruptct. While many wondered and worried about what happened, why the sudden silence and where was the child. As he has shared the child is still kidnapped, … Continue reading

CORRUPTROOM: Will Judge Kevin Hull, attorney Scott Ellerby, Jeffrey Downer and 9 other attorneys get “DISBARRED!”

Today I filed my reply to Scott Ellerby’s opposition to my motion for a new trial based in the Rule of Superior Court which states a new trial must be granted in instances of attorney fraud, misconduct or other improprieties by the opposing party. In this case the misconduct has been comitted by Ellerby and … Continue reading