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Marti Oakley — a champion for family rights

0d395c9Marti Oakley is one of the rare individuals who recognizes the injustice perpetrated upon citizens by government agencies and then selflessly gives of her time and resources to seek solutions and engage the public to action for the greater benefit of society.

Marti champions for the rights of families, particularly the elderly and disabled, who are easy prey for exploitation by corrupt government agencies and even family.  Marti has a well documented understanding of how government agencies exercise their power, not for the benefit of citizens, but for the $$DOLLARS$$ that each ‘ward of the state’ brings to the agency in the way of federal reimbursements, grants and other selfish monetary motives.

Marti’s efforts include an online news site, the PPJ Gazzett The PPJ Gazette | ™ PPJ Gazette™ PPJG ™ PPJ including copyright ©. and a radio show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley

She says this about her effort,

The PPJ has been my passion. I have used it to provide information either never or rarely reported on in the mainstream media and to help our readers connect to the necessary resources.

My main goal is to make people understand how our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been trashed especially since 2000 and to provide them with information about pending or passed legislation that is not in the interest of a free and sovereign nation.

Please visit the PPJ Gazette and learn from all that Marti Oakley has to offer.


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