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For the sake of ‘symmetry’

In the “comments” section provided below, please litter this site with something beautiful As I studied for my degree in chemistry, I learned the physics of the Universe loves ‘symmetry.’ This is commonly expressed as ‘every action has a reaction.’ For this reason, for the sake of symmetry, in reaction to the “ugly” truth revealed … Continue reading

Justice Joel Penoyar: He is as dirty-slick as they come

Justice Penoyar, as a court of appeals judge, is almost the last in a chain of government entities that view their role as “master” over citizens.  To Joel, every opportunity to misstate the facts so he can then rule on his own version of reality is simply great fun in his mind.  After all, who … Continue reading

Rep. Derek Kilmer (D) turns a ‘blind eye’ to the fraud against Retired and/or Disabled citizens.

Derek Kilmer, when he was WA State’s Senator was contacted to  help correct the way citizens who are Retired and or Retired due to disability were being defrauded by a county assessor,  James Avery.  James Avery was defrauding these old and disabled citizens from their constitutional rights as defined by Article 7, Section 10. See James … Continue reading

James Avery is defrauding retired and disabled citizens of Kitsap County, WA

WA State provides financial help to retired and those retired due to disability.  It is a ‘Constitutional’ mandate that such financial help be available to these citizens.   For those who want the actual constitutional verification it is WA State Constitution Article 7, Section 10. James Avery, who as the Kitsap County Assessor,  is required … Continue reading

WSBA inbreeding has polluted our “common law”

Every year the WA State Bar receives thousands of complaints against attorneys and every year the WA State Bar Dismisses these complaints, without investigation.  NO other profession has a ratio of complaints to profession as do lawyers.  NO other profession has a frequency of outright dismissal of complaints as do lawyers … in other words, LAWYERS are … Continue reading


This expose’ on attorney Scott Ellerby  and the power he has come to enjoy, has rendered him “ABOVE THE LAW” Scott Ellerby, Esq., enjoys all the “political” perks that come with positions of stature…. He is immune from the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL conduct, He is immune from the STATUTORY OATH he takes in order to … Continue reading